Hello, I'm David Voye.
I'm a developer & designer.

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I am a designer and web developer from the Pacific Northwest. When I am not designing or coding you can often find me drinking coffee playing with my 2 dogs at the beach. With a formal educational background in Design, Computer Science and Web Content Development, I bring a passion for all things technology as well as design. If you have a project in mind please contact me.
David Voye

custom typography art


95% of every website is occupied by content. And typography is the art of displaying content. So that makes it pretty important, don’t you think?

Typography artistic representation


Studies show that photography will help you have more of a lasting impact on website visitors. Three days after simply hearing information, people will remember only about 10% of it. But, pair that text with a good photo or image and it’s far stickier.

Mobile phone user interface layout

Web Development

Check out some of my latest web projects.

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